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OK, now my music tastes have changed and evolved over time.

Now, my basic music is Classic Rock, from the 50s on.  Along with that is Blues, many forms of Jazz, Classical Instrumental, Opera (yes, I like opera!) and of course Country & Western (more classic than current).  Cindy and I both enjoy Country & Western most of the time.  We both agree, there's no need to waste our ears with Acid Rock, Rap or any other unintelligible and anger-filled form of music..

My favorite C & W artist is Gene Watson, Classic Rock is Steve Miller Band and Blue Oyster Cult.

My ability with music is limited to my ears.  Now that the house is 'done', I hope to start learning the bagpipes this Summer.  I have a friend who lives near us that has offered to show me the basics, if we can get a schedule to work.  I'm quite sure the dogs in the neighborhood will not be pleased by my efforts.

The Mistaken Lyrics list that I think is amusing:
    (The italics are the mistaken words...)

Oops Lyric                                             Correct Lyric                 Artist

lurch lurch I thought I heard her calling my name   Hush hush ...                    Deep Purple
Livin' in a Funk                                    Eminence Front                   The Who
High on the Beef Steak                              High on the 'B' String           Cat Stevens (Usef Islam)
There's a bathroom on the right!                    There's a bad moon on the rise   Credence Clearwater Revival
With the help of an adelpha kit                     With the help of an adapter kit  Johnny Cash
Turnin' around                                      Draggin' the Line!               Tommy James
Way down south!                                     Lay down Sally!                  Eric Clapton
Excuse me while I Kiss this Guy                     Excuse me, while I kiss the sky  Jimmi Hendrix
Revved up like a douche                             Revved up like a deuce           Manfred Mann


Russ's absolute favorite 3 music videos:

    Al Yankovic - White and Nerdy
    Junior Brown - My Wife Thinks You're Dead  (I love this one!!!  It's hilarious!)
    Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear the Reaper (Known better as MORE COW BELL!!!)

Cindy's favorite music videos:  (The only one she's told me so far.)

    A-Ha - Take on me