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Just to start this page, I've done a tiny bit of typing.

bulletAutos - Russ does love cars, but nowhere near as much as his oldest brother, Grant.
We will post photos of our current vehicles here in the future, as well as our 'dream' cars.
bulletMusic - Here's where I'll put my music likes/dislikes.
Also, Here's where you'll find the amusing page of mistaken lyrics.
bullet Tractors - Russ became interested in tractors when he was quite young, cutting hay and such for the horses, and that interest was fanned when he was going to tractor shows and tractor pulls with his 'best-man', Jim Turnbull.  He currently has a 1969 Ford 3400 with a number of accessories, including a hydraulic front-end loader, power rotor-tiller, cab, box-blade, and Mott mower, all of which need LOTS of work!  He's also found an older Case model SC tractor which needs TONS of work and a Massey Harris 101 Junior RC that is now running thanks to LOTS of work from Dad!
bulletTravel - We both have a passion for travel, and have made some incredible friends both in the United States as well as overseas!  Click here to see photos of some of the voyages we've taken!

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