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France 2003!


This page has selected photos of our 3rd trip to France.

Here's a small map of where we stayed throughout France on this trip!

1: Reims    2: Bordeaux    3: Marseille    4:    Aspet

This was the MAIDEN Voyage of this aircraft, N345, on an International Flight, Flight 42 to Paris (CDG) France, where we started our 2 week journey across France!  Look at that baby shine!

And we were lucky enough to get First Class!


This is also the first time Cindy and I used the train system, instead of a rental car, for the entire voyage.  It was a wonderful way to travel, and we will certainly be using it again in the future.  It gave us time to relax and review where we had just been, catch up on some needed rest between stops as well as write post-cards.

Évelyne & Jérôme Hublé, outside    Évelyne at home in her Kitchen.    Joélle (Évelyne's sister) &
Chateau Pommery.  They were       We can't count how often Cindy     Dominique Genestin enjoy
our first hosts for this voyage,        hit her head on that stove vent!     a romantic moment...
in Reims, Northeast of Paris.

Armelle & Pascal Boué.

In the champagne cave of                 The proper form for                    Cindy has trouble choosing which
Pascal & Armelle where we had a      pouring champagne.                    to enjoy with our lovely 'lite'
LOT of champagne and laughs.                                                            lunch.


Our 2nd hosts were Fred & Daniella Fillastre, and their 2 children, Adrien & Julia.
They live in a suburb outside Bordeaux, France
We had a wonderful time enjoying their amazing home-made local dishes and sights, as well as lots of laughter!

The kids loved us both.                Daniella enjoys a little quiet time    An amazingly restored Castle,
                                                  on the Dune of Pyla.                      Chateau Branda, outside Bordeaux.

The Citadel of Blaye, an ancient     Fred is very serious about the        The main fountain of Bordeaux,
fortress at the mouth of the           rose gardens he maintains for his   depicting the god of the sea,
Gironde river.  It's over                 lovely bride.                                Poseidon.
1 kilometer in length and an
awesome historic site to see!

A closer shot demonstrating how    Obviously, Bordeaux is a Port City,  'Les Grandes Murailles', the ancient
large the fountain is!                     even the streetlights have a           ruins of a Monastery built by the
                                                   nautical theme!                             Dominicans in late 13th Century
                                                                                                      in the wine village of St. Emilion.


A wide view of St. Emilion.                                                              A wide view of the Dune of Pyla,
                                                                                                     the largest sand dune in all of Europe!


The small isle out there is              Our 3rd host, Véronique Boué,         Me, and the lovely bride, standing
Chateau d'If, the location of           overlooking the coast of                 atop a cliff overlooking Cassis,
the imprisoned Count de                Marseille, where she lives.              a lovely fishing town.  Look at the
Monte Cristo  in the book                                                                   gorgeous blue sea!
by Alexandre Dumas.


I took about 15 minutes to get this photo                                       Véro & Cindy in front of her kitchen and
I waited for the moment when no one was                                    dining area. We had such a wonderful time
walking through and the clouds were past.                                     and we can't wait to get back there!
This is looking outside a small medieval                                         Véro is an amazing chef as well as
village east of Marseille called:  Le Castellet!                                 a very fun 'tour guide!'
I had the most amazing crêpe in town,
the view was spectacular as well!


We arrived in Aspet France for        After mass at St. Bertrand de         The back yard of Giselle & Jean Claude,
the final leg of our journey.            Comminges, we sat down across     friends we met on our first visit.  We
In the morning, while enjoying        the cobblestone with friends to     were invited for aperitif one late
an awesome cup of French Coffee   enjoy an aperitif at an outdoor       afternoon.  Those are the Pyrénées
I looked out the window and           bar.  If only all churches                 Mountains in the distance! 
snapped this landscape!                  explored this idea of community!
                                                    The church itself was amazing,
                                                    An ancient stone church with a
                                                    finely crafted wooden church inside!

The girls together in Aspet:            We take a breather from walking    We once again were lucky enough
Left to right, Cindy, Danielle Boué,    around Paris the day before we   to get First Class on the return and
Joélle Genestin (sister of Danielle),    left to return home.                   also enjoyed Champagne from the
Stephanie Panel (daughter of Danielle)                                                same Chateau we visited at the
                                                                                                       beginning of our trip, Pommery!

After the long walk up the steps    Véro's cat only liked to drink          The monument for fallen Tour-de France
to Basilique Notre Damme de la     straight from the tap.                    cyclist:  Fabio Casartelli
Garde.  It was unbelievably windy        Very weird<G>...
that day and we thought we would
fly off the pinnacle upon which
the Church is constructed.


The Garonne river just over             I wanted to get a photo of both the
the border in Spain, where we         Eiffel Tower along with the Bridge;
went to shop and stock up                Alexandre III.
the liquor cabinet<G>...



Yes, the same train station that         Here's a view of the painting done
Claude Monet painted, and it            by Monet.  The actual painting is
looks amazingly similar even             at the Art Institute of Chicago.   
today!  This is Gare St. Lazare.         Cindy is a member, we get there
Cindy took this photo.                      when we can, or when visitors
                                                      come and want to go!  We have
                                                      unlimited access with the membership!