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Switzerland in 1999!

This trip was a blast!  Russ was still an obvious amateur when it comes to traveling, but we survived.
We flew direct from Chicago O'Hare straight to Zurich, Switzerland.


The hotel we stayed at the first night was amazingly cheesy.  We should have known by the name,
the 'Zic Zac Rock Hotel'.  We stayed in the 'Supertramp' room! Check out the guitar carpet.
Russ was wrapped up in the red plastic thing on the bed after a hard night of fun in the pub below.
We have NO IDEA where it came from, but it makes a funny story, even today.


The under the sea bathroom theme was amusing.                      The bridge control tower and boat dock.

The Marc Chagall windows in Fraumunster Cathedral, Zurich.


The exterior of Fraumunster with      King Charlemagne guarding the Grossmunster Church of Zurich.
the Chagall windows.


I thought the sign was amusing.        Cindy loved the cows, reminiscent   After a wonderful meal of Raclette
                                                     of the ones placed around Chicago.  and Fondue where we met up with
                                                                                                          a couple, Connor & Ute.
                                                                                                          Afterward we enjoyed several libations
                                                                                                          with Connor and Ute at this Pub.
                                                                                                          Come to our house to enjoy a dinner
                                                                                                          called Raclette - but come hungry!


A nice countryside shot.                  We had to stop to look closer at      Looking down one of the lakes
                                                     this amazing little Chapel.              of Interlaken.


A gorgeous little chateau on the       Our next residence, in Interlaken.    The mountain views were amazing!
way to Interlaken.                           Very centrally located.  Lots to see
We should have stopped to              and do there, and Cindy had the
check this one out.                          most awesome Pork Medallions at a
                                                     place called 'Le Petit Ours'! (The little bear)


The colors along the way were        Watch out for overhanging rocks.    My bride on the train to Pilatus.
breathtaking!                                 While not dangerous, they sure
                                                     do surprise you!


Here's a few shots of the mountain point of Pilatus.  This is the fabled burial spot for Pontius Pilate.
Now, some lore says that when he died, the Emperor at the time ordered his body sent to the farthest
and highest point known, i.e. Pilatus, where his soul finally found peace.  Left is the train we took up the
mountain.  It is the steepest cogwheel train grade in the world at 48 degrees!


A photo of the lovely bride and myself on the train up to Pilatus.  To the left and right are photos of the
mountain tops.  In case you were wondering, those are the tops of the clouds that look so white and billowy.


A church at the top of a peak!        Here we are, overlooking the Swiss    A good idea of how steep it
                                                   Alps!                                                 really is down the mountain.


3 views of the really steep climb/descend from Pilatus.  We loved the view with the clouds and all,
but when we return we hope to see the entire panoramic view without them.


A tiny cabin on the mountain.          I loved when we descended through the clouds and I thought these
                                                    were 2 good shots of the eerie close in feel.


A classic Swiss Chalet.                     A tiny Chapel we stopped at on       Cindy does love her fountains...
                                                     our anniversary.


The twin spires is Jesuitenkirche,    The Chapel Bridge was partially burned, but above in the gables
one of the oldest Baroque, and        are some of the amazing paintings, some original, and some
fully restored, Churches in all of      reproductions, depicting historic scenes of Swiss history.


Inside Jesuitenkirche.                     I thought we needed a photo of       Do I look ready to go home and
The restoration was absolute           Cindy's shop <G>...                         rest, or what!

We bought a panoramic camera, and here are some of the shots we took.

Downtown Zurich.

A view of Interlaken from the mountain road.

The lake at the edge of Interlaken.

Awesome colors, as well as a waterfall on the facing mountain.

The amazing part is the entire 'original' hotel complex was built without the train,
it had not been constructed yet.  They used mule teams to haul all the building materials
they needed up, and after it was opened, the mules hauled everything else up and down,
including the guests!

The Swiss Alps from the point above Pilatus.

More of them.

Are you bored yet?

The last panoramic photo...


In Luzern, we stopped in a restaurant/pub.  The band was hilarious!      While you can't really see from
On the left, they gave Cindy a bowl and told her to see how long she    this photo, but this is a 'red light'
could keep the Swiss coin rolling around the rim.  She did awesome!     house, with naughty clothing in the
                                                                                                        windows!  Cindy actually asked
                                                                                                        me what the red light was for!


Us in our last suite, in Luzern.  It was a beautiful suite with a lovely
view of the town.  Also, it was close to everything we wanted to visit.

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