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London and Paris trip in 1999!

On our first trip together overseas, we agreed that some of the time would be spent in Paris, and the rest in an English speaking city.  As I had been interested in riding on the TGV (Train Grande Vitesse, which basically means very fast train) through the Chunnel (The tunnel drilled through the chalk bed underneath the English channel), we decided to fly into London, take the TGV the next day to Paris, spend 3 days and take the TGV back to London for 2 more days there!

It was WAY too busy of a schedule.  In the future, we'll limit ourselves to a less hectic schedule on vacation, as our primary goal is to relax and enjoy the time away together.


'Mind the gap!'  The British accent    We stayed at the Forum both the    Man they make 'em small here!
voice on the Tube says this              first night in London and when
at most stops...                               we returned after our stay in Paris.


A small Chapel around the corner    Our stop on the Tube for                 The view of London from the bridge
from the Forum.                            the Forum                                      before we take the TGV to Paris!


The TGV station at the end of the    A couple 'candid' shots.  Actually, she caught me off guard <G>...
bridge.  Long walk with the            We met a sweet woman who commutes on the TGV twice a week
luggage.                                         to work for Euro-Disney!  Long commute!


TGV we took.  Very cool and sleek.  186 miles per hour rocket!              Our tiny elevator at the hotel
                                                                                                         in Paris.


That's me holding the camera        Not a very good photo, but our         A closer view of the Arc.
above my head to show just         view of the Arc de Triomphe was
how small the elevator really is!    flawless!


Our first bar in Paris.  The               The infamous Turkish toilet, or        A painting in the Louvre.
bar-tender was very nice and          the more familiar term:
explain a lot to us!                         'The Starting Blocks' 


Me and the Mona Lisa.                     Cindy with Winged Victory.            Venus de Milo.


The glass pyramid at the center       Notre-Dame in Paris.  We've never    The Rose windows in Notre Dame
of the Louvre.                               seen her not under restoration...       were amazing!


The Altar was incredibly ornate!       The entry doors to Notre Dame        A good view of the flying
                                                     were massive.  That's a 6 ft man      buttresses on the back
                                                     standing on the left!                       of the church.


A view from the bridge looking        This bookstore caught my eye,        The love of my life on the RER
down the Seine river.                      It was used the the television         on our way to the Eiffel Tower.
                                                      series 'Highlander.'  The collection
                                                      of books was incredible.  They also have
                                                      a separate ancient book store to the left.  It's awesome!


Trocadéro as seen from the Eiffel    Checking out the structure, rivets and mechanisms of the Eiffel Tower!
Tower 2nd level.


The Eiffel Tower at night.               Cindy showing off where she is!      We took this and not 1 second later
                                                                                                         the fountain and lights shut down
                                                                                                         for the night!


Hanging around with my girl.           Drive up fueling.  Not a station so    Our server at the James Joyce Pub
                                                    much as sidewalk fueling!                in Paris.  She sang for us and had
                                                                                                         the voice of an angel!


A couple we met in the Pub, the      The front of the Pub.  Hint, if you    Van Gogh painting in the Musée
Sharkeys, from Ireland!                    have a hankerin' for beer in Paris,    d'Orsay
                                                     have the wine instead, MUCH
                                                     less expensive!  Russ wanted beer
                                                     in Paris and wine in London.
                                                     Bad move $$$.



Caillebotte - The Floor Scrapers       Looking out the clock for the         The Musée d'Orsay, the gallery was
This was amazingly realistic and       Musée d'Orsay                               once a train station that was
hands down my favorite.                                                                    converted to an art museum, causing
                                                                                                        much controversy at the time...


Back on the EuroStar TGV to            186 mph countryside!                      Medoc wine: Good stuff, and
London, I was trying to get a                                                                we kept the tiny glasses <G>...
good shot of the entrance to the Chunnel!


Our zany server in London! He                                                              It's not really that long to
gave us lots of great tourist ideas!                                                        Tipperary <G>....


                                                    The London Bridge from the            London Tower from the bus.
                                                    double-decked tour bus.


Big Ben is quite Big <G>...                                                                   The tower of London from the Bus.


Cindy with Sean Connery.                ...with Mel Gibson...                ...with Pierce Brosnan
We visited Madame Tussauds wax museum and it was worth the time!

The most life-like we saw was Lady Dianna.                                      A zany moment with my love...


Hyde Park from our room.               I'm ready to sleep!

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