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The entrance to Paradise, at least for me <G>.

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    As a simple introduction, Russ had really not traveled much prior to marrying Cindy.  Other than to visit family and friends in the States, his traveling was minimal at best.  Of course, he did go to Korea twice and Honduras once while in the Army Reserves.  These weren't 'travel' experiences as a tourist, but as a soldier and also the 'after-hours' activities.
    Cindy, however, had been to France when in High School and also, being a flight attendant, had flown extensively throughout the States, Canada and Mexico.

Photos of our first International trip together, to both London and Paris in 5 days in 1999! (Large page)

Our trip to Switzerland in 1999 (Zurich, Interlaken, Pilatus & Luzern) (Large page)

Our trip to Ireland in 2000 (Not started yet, can't find all the photos!)

Our trip to France in 2001 (Not started yet, can't find these photos, either!)

Our trip to France in 2003!  (Paris, Reims, Bordeaux, Marseille & Aspet) (Large page)

Our trip to France & Barcelona in 2004 for the Baptism of our newest Godson, Patrick.  (very large page)

Our trip to Dublin & Italy in 2005! Wedding in Italy and time in Ireland  (very large page)

Our short trip to Australia in 2005.  (Melbourne, Geelong & Queenscliff) (Large page)

Our trip to France in 2006 Paris and the River Boat Trip!  (Massive series of pages!)

Our trip to Australia and Tahiti in 2006 (Separated into 5 pages)

Our trip to Southern France and Barcelona in 2007 (Separated into several pages due to size and number of days!)

Our trip to Australia 2007.(Separated into 3 pages)

Our very short trip to Southern France in late 2007 (Little Page)

Our even short trip to Austin Texas in 2008 (Little Page)

Our trip to Hawaii in February 2009 (Two pages)

Our trip to Australia and Tasmania in 2009 (Lots of photos, and lots of fun!!)