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Australia and Tahiti in 2006!

We started our now annual trek to Australia, to visit Lesly and David Windle and their two sons Paul and Patrick, on September 22nd, heading for Sydney (SYD) this time, as the flight to Melbourne (MEL) from Los Angeles (LAX) was oversold. Flying standby, we chose the multiple options of flying to Sydney instead of risking a bump and then needing to go through a different terminal and another security checkpoint to make the other flight.  We then caught a flight on JetStar from Sydney to Melbourne Avalon (AVV) airport.  JetStar is similar to Ryan Air in Europe or SouthWest in America.  General boarding and the only thing free on the plane is the air you're breathing, everything else you buy, from water to coffee to sandwiches, etc costs $, or ...  The location is VERY convenient to Chez Windle, though.

The pages are basically completed, but I hope to add more info and links in the future.

The Melbourne-Manifold Height page is basically photos of us at Lesly & David's new home in Manifold Heights, Victoria.

Sydney is our one full day excursion to Sydney prior to flying to Tahiti.

The last three are all Tahiti one other island, Moorea.

Voyage page list:  Melbourne-Manifold Heights   Sydney    Tahiti    Moorea    Tahiti II

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