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Australia 2007!

As in other Australia pages, if you're bored with shots of our friends and their family, this page may not be for you.  Though there are some lovely shots of the landscape and such around Geelong (pronounced J-LONG, not gee, or jay-long), Victoria in Australia.  The principal reason we went, as always, was to see Lesly and David Windle, their children Patrick and Paul, and David's parents; Bill and Marge.
We left Chicago at 9:30am on September 23rd to LAX, waited until 11:20 pm and departed from there directly to Melbourne Australia.  No stop over in Sydney this time!  That was certainly a plus!
As usual, Russ's allergies absolutely went bonkers after we arrived.  After suffering with Spring pollen fever, which they commonly call hay-fever (Remember, opposite side of the planet, opposite seasons) for a little bit, he went straight on the chemist for drugs.  Zyrtec no longer worked, so on to newer and stronger stuff...  Telfast is the newer one there, and along with some Avil for the congestion, he survived.  Russ hates tree pollen more than ever and is going back to the allergy treatment to alleviate this problem.
The best scenic photos we took were most definitely the Great Ocean Road page.
We really enjoyed our day trip to Melbourne, we got to spend most of a day there exploring.

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