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The New Home under construction!

I have separated this project into several sub-pages and the LINKS ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.

Here's a map of the area for those interested in where the heck Johnsburg Illinois is.
Hint, the red star marks the spot!
For those that haven't been there, the town of Zion, on Lake Michigan, is where we currently reside.

Here are the preliminary plans for the house with North being to the Left:    <- North

We have photos for the process as it is ongoing (I tried to go in chronological order):

Pre-Demolition Photos - Not too large page

Demolition Photos - very LARGE page

Foundation Process - Not too large page

Exterior Issues - Quite small

Framing Process - Not too large page

Electrical/Plumbing Process - Small page

Insulation Installation - Small page

Drywall Installation - Small page

Prime and Paint - Small page

Vinyl Siding  - Small page

Trim/Fireplaces Page - Small page

Oak Flooring/Stairs  - Small page

Bathrooms - Small page

Kitchen Installation - Small page

Landscaping/Concrete - Small page of the Concrete/grounds and such  28-June-2007

Garage Rebuild - Here's the last massive project of 2005, the rebuild of the Garage! - 19-November-2005